Sarah Micklethwait Benson

There are trees published in various places (eg. Ancestry and Gedmatch) that suggest Sarah Micklethwait, daughter of Nathaniel Micklethwait and Joanna Rod (not Crane as some trees suggest) was married to Joseph Benson in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts. I wonder, despite Nathaniel’s New England connections, whether his daughter Sarah Micklethwait who married Joseph Benson in London, is the same Sarah who married Joseph Benson of Hull MA. While I have no baptism for Sarah Micklethwait, her siblings are baptised in London and she married there. However, some trees do have her birth in MA.

The most important evidence we have is Nathaniel’s will. In it, he mentions Sarah, Joseph and their son Nathaniel, but does not specify where they live. On the other hand, he also mentions Ann Knight alias Whiteman “of New England”. Would he have said the same for the Bensons?

Some trees have found a Nathaniel Benson in MA with a suitable birth date.

Can anyone find anything to help?

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