Rocket Science

During WW2, my father was a photographer at the Projectile Development Establishment in Aberporth, West Wales. He was involved in Operation Backfire, the British effort to test fire V2 rockets. I have put some photos of personnel involved on my website. If you can identify anyone else, please get in touch.

Variants and Deviants

I was browsing the Micklethwaite list on Rootsweb today and came across a post I made there a couple of years ago – it still makes interesting reading.

According to the GOONS, a variant is a name spelling that is used by a family – so Micklethwaite, Micklethwait, Mickelthwate, Micklewhite are variants – deviants are spelling mistakes, transcription errors or similar, like Makeltherde and the others on the above post.

Someone on a recent mailing list post said he didn’t believe anyone could mistranscribe Smith – based on the evidence above I have to disagree!

Help Wanted 2: Fred Micklethwaite born 1888

Fred Micklethwaite married Theresa Beresford in Sheffield in 1912 – they had 4 children and many grandchildren. But which Fred was it? There are 2 possibilities shown below – they appear to be first cousins.

Possiblity #1.

Henry Micklethwaite (born 1858 Shire Green to James and Ann nee White) and Mary A Mottram (married 1881 Wortley RD) had 8 children (but 1 died by 1911) including Fred (1888 Wincobank). Fred is with them in all 3 censuses. I haven’t found marriages for their sons (Arthur Herbert, Ernest, Fred, Willie) although there are possibilities for all of them, and daughter Elsie (probably Arthur Ollerenshaw 1916). Arthur Herbert died in the blitz in Bermondsey in 1941 – his wife then was Alice but I haven’t found a marriage. The other daughters were Gertrude who married William Coulston in 1903 and Winifred who married Walter Briggs in 1918. There are registrations for all Henry’s children (but some are ambiguous as there are 2 possibilities, like Fred!)

Possibility #2

Thomas Micklethwaite (born 1862 Lower Shire Green to James and Ann nee White again) married Sarah Ann Thorpe  (1888) had (according to the 1991 census) 10 children of whom 4 died by 1911 – in 22 years of marriage. I have found 9 or 10 possibles  – these include Fred (1888 Wincobank). Fred is with them in the 1891 and 1901 censuses but missing from the 1911 census (they are indexed as Middlewhwaite on Ancestry in 1891!).

On the 1891 are Charles H (1881) John T (1883) Fred (1888) and Albert E (1890). On the 1901 are John T (1887) Fred (1888) Henrietta (1892) and Maria (1900). On the 1911 are John Charles (1883) Martha 1901 and Harry (1903). These pose several questions – John T and John C are probably the same, but both he and Charles H are born before the marriage. Whose children are they? I can’t find a birth registration for either of them. [Edit: I think they may be registered as Thorpe being born before Sarah Ann’s marriage] Nor can I find a birth registration for Albert E although his death aged 18 months is on the NBI and is registered. There are 2 registrations for Fred (this one and the one above, but indistinguishable on the index). Harry has a birth registration (and a marriage in 1924 to Mary Whitfield and probable death in 1978). Henrietta also has birth registration and marriage (Thomas Richardson 1913) but is missing from the 1911 census. John C (or T) has no birth registration or marriage that I can find, nor does Maria, but Martha does (married John Rushforth 1919) – but could Maria and Martha be the same person? There are 2 other children, Lily (1895) and Harold (1898), buried on the same day in 1900, from the address given in 1901 – both are registered at birth and death.

Website Refreshed

At last, I’ve uploaded a refreshed version of the Micklethwaite part of my website – I hope you like it!

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