Eveline Mary Micklethwaite of Ladysmith, South Africa

I have found a photograph on the eGGSA site of the grave of Eveline Mary Micklethwaite who died when aged but 14 months. Sadly there is no further information about her, in particular when she died. I have contacted researchers in both the South African branches and both have no knowledge of her – and indeed have no knowledge of any connection with Ladysmith. The grave is decorated in Art Deco style, so may date to the 1920s or 1930s, but this is conjecture. I would be grateful if anyone can help with more information on this infant.

Inter-Library Loan system

If you’ve looked at my web site, you’ll know that the Canadian photographer Frank W Micklethwaite is in one of the branches I’m researching.

A book featuring his photographs, called Micklethwaite’s Muskoka, by John Denison, was published some years ago. I enquired at my local library, and they said they could find a copy for me to borrow – and they have – and it’s a wonderful book.

But the most impressive thing is that the copy of the book came to me in Derbyshire from the library of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, on the Inter-Library Loan system. Our English public libraries are under threat from the government’s austerity measures. It would be a terrible shame to loose such a wonderful service.