A Meeting of Micklethwaites?

Would there be any interest in a meeting of Micklethwaites?
Possibilities include just gathering at a pub or hotel, or a more formal occasion with talks on the name’s origins, branches, DNA etc. Where to hold it is another issue – Barnsley seems a reasonable place given that many branches have descendants there and its proximity to the “ancestral home” at Banks Hall, but no doubt other places are equally suitable.
One other person has expressed an interest, but they need advanced notice due to extensive commitments. If you’re interested, do let me know your thoughts on what/where/when, by a comment here, or by email or through the web site.

Facebook’s First Success

I was intending to add another “help wanted” post, about Eric Micklethwaite who died in 2007 in East Anglia, not to be confused with Eric Micklethwaite who died in 2009 in East Anglia. Both came from Barnsley, so they were not easy to distinguish. I worked out their offspring from the available BMD records, and saw that the first Eric had a son, and then I noticed that this son was on Facebook.

Now I am not an active Facebook user – I get very upset with the way it keeps hassling me about status and/or friends. I also wonder what it snoops on to come up with some of the friend suggestions. However I thought I’d try it and I sent a message to Eric’s son – days passed and no response – until yesterday, when he replied with the name of Eric’s father. After a bit of digging, I eventually worked out how it all fits together. Now I can not only add this Eric into the “known” branches, but also, as there are no alternatives, the other Eric can be fitted it. Well done, Facebook!

Family Tree DNA Summer Sale

Family Tree DNA has just announced its summer sale which  ends in one week’s time on Sunday 15th July at 11.59 pm Texas time. The sale prices are shown below. Kits can be ordered direct from Family Tree DNA at http://www.familytreedna.com
Go through the Micklethwaite Project to get the best price. Your test results would certainly persuade me to update those pages!

New Emigrants Page Added

I’ve added a new page to my web site listing the Micklethwait(e)s who emigrated (recent living persons excepted) in the hope that having them all in one place makes things clearer. Oops – I’ve just realised that I haven’t put any links in – I’ll go and do that and hopefully you won’t notice I forgot!

I’ve also added a sitemap page to help those who prefer site maps.