Thomas Micklethwaite – French Hero

Thomas Micklethwaite was born in 1895 in Doncaster. He joined up for WW1 and, according to his service records, ended up in the Railway Operating Department. After the end of WW1, he went back to France and married Germaine, who he’d met during the war and lived in St Valery sur Somme, near Abbeville.


I understand that during WW2, Thomas helped the French Resistance, hiding people in a mausoleum, and was honoured by General de Gaulle. Any further information on his war-time activities would be gratefully received, especially by his relatives – can you help?

Newsletter Posted

Well, it’s gone out! I’ve sent out my first newsletter about the Micklethwaites and their name! What’s in it? A reprint of the recent blog on; a profile of my co-researcher, John P Micklethwait; an article on Sir Michael Caine’s branch; and other bits and pieces. If you’d like a copy, please contact me.

I was persuaded of the value of the idea by Sue and Jenny at the last regional meeting of the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS)  – thanks to them  for the encouragement. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for comments and articles for the next one to roll in – we’ll see!

In Remembrance

Over the Remembrance Day weekend, Ancestry had free access to their WW1 records. I used the opportunity to extract more information about the Micklethwaites who served in the war. The Pension Records and Service Records are useful in that the Attestation forms are usually present, which give a home address and a regiment. Sadly, the Service Records (aka the Burnt Records) are incomplete as many got burnt in an accident during the Blitz in WW2. The Medal Cards however only give the name and regiment and number. So I have many Medal Card records which I cannot allocate as there are several possibilities for many of the names.

There are 2 individual puzzles.

Ernest born 1897 Dukinfield served in the Cheshire Regiment. His records show he married Clarible Bolland nee Clark in Sheffield in 1917. He is commemorated on the Dukinfield War Memorial, but no death is shown on the CWGC site and he received medals so must have survived until after 1918.  There is no suitable civilian death record either but Clarible died in Sheffield in 1968.

[Edit: Sue in Australia read about this in the newsletter, looked at it, and found Ernest died in 1955. Thanks, Sue]

Harold served 49 days in the London Regiment before being classed unfit with heart problems – his intended address was London. This doesn’t fit with any of the many Harolds I have information on.

As always in this game, answer a question and it raises even more questions!

Micklethwaite Road

Margaret in Fulham recently browsed my website and sent me a comment saying she lived on Micklethwaite Road – was that of interest? That set me off looking. There are several streets named Micklethwaite on Google Maps:

Micklethwaite Road, Fulham, London SW6

Micklethwaite Road and Grove, Moorends, Thorne, Yorkshire

Micklethwaite Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Micklethwaite Lane, Bingley, Yorkshire

Micklethwaite Road, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio

Micklethwaite Grove, Wetherby, Yorkshire

The Bingley one is easy to identify – it’s the Road from Bingley to the village of Micklethwaite (see my web page on the place) – as is the Wetherby one. The others will require some research – if you know anything about them, please let me know. If I find anything out, I will add details to my website – [edit] now added