After the grafting comes the pruning!


Comments from several people have persuaded me to take a look at Joseph of Thornhill who was born about 1783. He married Nancy Nutter in 1805. When I expanded the One Name Study out from Huddersfield into the rest of West Yorkshire, it seemed obvious that this Joseph was the natural son of Fanny, daughter of Jonas of Mirfield (1725) as there was no other viable alternative. Other people have Internet trees which suggest that Joseph was from Darfield, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the Darfield Joseph is not in any way connected to the Thornhill Joseph as there is clear evidence for both the ancestors and descendants of the Darfield branch. Looking again now I have expanded the Study to other areas, I see that yet another Joseph comes into the picture. This Joseph baptised a daughter Nancy in 1805 in Ashton under Lyme, along wife his wife Mally. There is no indication of where this Joseph comes from either. So reluctantly I have decided to prune Joseph from the “Jonas of Mirfield” branch until such time as further evidence is available. Y-DNA testing will not help in this instance as no Y-DNA is passed from mother to son, i.e. from Fanny to Joseph.

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