Frustrations of Family History

I’ve spent some time this week on my wife’s tree – her mother’s family come from Pinxton and Selston on the Notts/Derbys border.

Firstly I was looking at Clarke in Selston. I’ve looked through all the 1851 census images for Selston parish, and apart from the first page in each enumeration district, there are no addresses given. This makes tracking people across the censuses very difficult – I hope the enumerator got his wrist slapped.

Secondly I’ve spent some time looking at the tree of someone who was claiming 2x great grandfather Vallance Walker as an ancestor. Their tree shows basic errors but essentially reflects the old adage “don’t take the first person you find with a name that fits”. How can Clara Walker born 1883 can be 39 years old in the 1911 census (which implies a birth year of 1872/3 if your maths is rusty). So it’s more than likely that this person has chosen the wrong Clara Walker to follow. Whether they will respond to my message (sent before I discovered the problems) and accept the error is of course another matter – in other words, more frustration.

And finally, I’ve been looking at the West Riding records on Ancestry. The indexing is pretty poor – wrong names I’m used to, but burials recorded as baptisms is a poor show. The final insult is that (so far) I seem to have the vast majority of events recorded. If you’ve been following my posts, I have found another son of Godfrey – James born 1857. A small result for a lot of work!

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  1. vicky

     /  December 23, 2011

    just looked at your family tree…I am decended from the pankhursts pg 3 of the family tree harry pankhurst and elizabeth doncaster then the first of many children (mona may) my Nan was one of harry + lizzies, and here I am!!

    merry christmas


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