Hello Rebecca

I’ve a new friend – her name is Rebecca. Actually she’s more formally known as Linux Mint Cinnamon release 17.1 And I’ve dumped that awful Win8.1 for something a lot faster and less demanding (particularly of “real-estate” on the screen). I’ve not sworn at the computer once since Rebecca took over, something SWMBO is much happier with.

Since getting Linux going 2 weeks ago, I’ve only had to return to Windoze once, and that’s because I needed to print something out more quickly than sorting out printers would take (which I’ve now done – you need to put your Linux user in the group “vboxusers” for USB devices to be picked up by VirtualBox). The real beauty was than the virtual machine file  which I use to run WindowsXP just moved across to Linux and I could use it just as soon as I’d worked out how to get VirtualBox to recognise existing files.

I’m sure there will be problems ahead and I’ve still got some software to install, but at the moment I’m delighted!


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