Tankersley Parish

I was looking at a map of re-Victorian parish boundaries (now available on Ancestry if you have a subscription) and noticed little Tankersley parish, nestling between its bigger neighbours, like Penistone and Ecclesfield, and wondered if there were any Micklethwaites hiding there.

I went to Genuki to find out more about the parish. Then I used Stephen Archer’s site to find out which batch to look at. Finally I went to the LDS FamilySearch site.

The result – one marriage – of Elizabeth MICHLEFITH to John Windle in 1789. As ever, one question generates 2 more: (1) Who is she? I have no idea as there’s no obvious missing person at that time! (2) Was the spelling of the name the vicar’s idea or a poor transcription. Another mis-spelling to add to the hundreds already in the list!


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