Family Tree Analyser

I think I have blogged in the past about the LostCousins website, an excellent way of finding other people researching your ancestors. It can be hard work inputting your ancestors on to the site, so anything which helps is a bonus. This is where Family Tree Analyser (henceforth FTA) comes in.


There’s an additional LostCousins (LC) connection in that the developer of FTA is active on the LC forum, so many people on the forum have been helping gets the bugs out of FTA and work out more and more helpful features. Development is rapid at the moment!


One of the great features for me is the colour-coded reports showing who has missing BMD or census data. As I write this blog, work is on-going on how to best get more ancestors into LC.

Read all about it here – or on the LostCousins Forum.


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