Micklethwaites Reunited

Our Meeting of Micklethwaites on Saturday was quite an event. We had 16 pre-arranged attendees for lunch plus 4 who came just for a drink. These included some 3rd cousins who hadn’t met before.


On top of that, I had sent a press release to several local newspapers and to Radio Sheffield. The Barnsley Chronicle published an article, and Radio Sheffield rang me for a live interview. As a result, we had another 16 people turn up, all of whom were able to give me new information.  Amongst them were some 2nd cousins to someone in the lunch party who we were able to reunite.


On top of that (!), we reunited 2 (as yet unrelated) Susan Micklethwaites who had been in the same class as school.


Everyone wants to know when the next one is – probably late next September – I’ll keep you posted!

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