South African Marriage

FamilySearch recently added marriages from Natal to their datasets. When I learn of new postings, I tend to do a quick search, just in case something turns up. And did something turn up?


According to the transcripts, Stafford Northcote Micklethwaite (who is originally from Skelmanthorpe in Yorkshire according to my information) married Norah Honey Bardner on 5th June 1907, in Ladysmith.


Could these folks be the parents of young Mary Evelyn whose grave I mentioned in a recent post? I think it highly likely.


Stafford emigrated again, from South Africa to Australia, where he had 2 sons, and where descendants still live.

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  1. Gregory John Micklethwaite

     /  March 26, 2017

    Hi Andy,

    Stafford Northcote Micklethwaite and Norah Honey Bardner are my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother. Mary Evelyn is my Grandfather’s Sister, sister to Stafford and Eric. Mary died as a child after being accidentally poisoned from eating some berries, I believe, or so the story is told. Eric is my Grandfather and Stafford is my uncle Taffy as we used to call him growing up. Eric Jack Micklethwaite is my Father.

    We are heading to Ladysmith in August 2017 to do a bit of family follow up and just wondered if you have any details on Bardner side that we can make contact with over there?

    If you have anything or you would like me to chase anything up while there let me know.

    Gregory John Micklethwaite (Australia)

    • Thanks Gregory – I have no further info on the Bardners – I’ve only followed Micklethwaites.


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