It’s Worth Revisiting Old Problems

I mentioned recently that I’d been looking at my data in order to update my relatives and ancestors on the excellent LostCousins site. To do this I created a spreadsheet with a summary of all my relatives. I could then look at the summary to see what was missing, initially with a view to updating the LostCousins info.


After doing that, I had another look and saw that I was missing a marriage for 2 of my great great grandparents, James Clapham and Ellen Blackburn, who lived near Bradford. I wondered whether I could find it using the experience of the past 10 years. Having been searching for Micklethwaites recently, where spelling isn’t always what you expect, I thought it worth a try looking for different spellings, and I turned up a marriage on FreeBMD in Bradford for Ellen Blackburn and James Clayton. This looked possible. I then checked Ancestry and discovered that the parents’ names were both in agreement with the data in my records. So now I’m fairly sure this is the right marriage, but I’ll have to wait until I can get the image off Ancestry, either by visiting the library or begging off a friend. Can I wait till I go to the library?!


The morals of this story: keep trying; apply your experience to old problems; don’t rely on folks getting the spelling correct.

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  1. John Wood

     /  July 15, 2013

    Andy: By accident, I came across this site after finding your family tree on line. Of interest was Susannah Wood, born in Sykehouse, Yorkshire, England on 31 Dec 1794 to Wheatley Wood and Jane Bateman. Susannah married Willoughby Mickelwaite and had a child. She passed away on 30 Jan 1895 in Glenwood, Mills. I am from the Wheatley Wood family and was only aware of Wheatley Jr. and John from his second marriage. Wheatley Jr. also immigrated to the US.

    Cheers, John E. Wood


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