I know I’ve been quiet – it’s difficult getting my brain to work well, especially with the 3rd bout of tooth problems in 2 months!


I’ve been updating some of my information on the LostCousins site. For anyone who doesn’t know it – get to know it! It’s a way of getting high quality contacts. You enter details of your ancestors (and their relatives and descendants) from a number of different censuses, and the site checks to see if anyone else is interested in them. You don’t have to subscribe to get most benefits, but you can only initiate contact if you do. You do need to add more than just your direct line – the more ancestors (and their relatives) you add, the better the chance of finding someone. The newsletter they send out is excellent value for money (ie. free) being very informative and up-to-date. A forum is promised – that should be good too!

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