Micklethwaite Road

Margaret in Fulham recently browsed my website and sent me a comment saying she lived on Micklethwaite Road – was that of interest? That set me off looking. There are several streets named Micklethwaite on Google Maps:

Micklethwaite Road, Fulham, London SW6

Micklethwaite Road and Grove, Moorends, Thorne, Yorkshire

Micklethwaite Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Micklethwaite Lane, Bingley, Yorkshire

Micklethwaite Road, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio

Micklethwaite Grove, Wetherby, Yorkshire

The Bingley one is easy to identify – it’s the Road from Bingley to the village of Micklethwaite (see my web page on the place) – as is the Wetherby one. The others will require some research – if you know anything about them, please let me know. If I find anything out, I will add details to my website – [edit] now added

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