Help Wanted 3: June Bonnie Mickelwait (nee Sain)

My American colleagues have been looking at a branch of Mickelwaits who lived in Orange County, California. Charles Wesley Mickelwait married Gertrude Gifford and had 4 children:

  • Deldee May (1915-80) – married Edwin James Bradley
  • Grover Dale (1919-1992)
  • George Ernest (1921-84)
  • Petronella (1926-2011) – married Robert A Ogle, then William E Vanhorn

I’d love to hear from anyone who knows the family or is related to them – we have a record for June Bonnie Mickelwait (nee Sain) (1922-1997) and don’t know how she fits in with the rest of the family.

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  1. Terra L. Williams (mackey)

     /  February 14, 2013

    She was my mother’s cousin and a good friend of John Wayne’s wife Pilar. She was Pearl Goodman’s daughter. George Mickelwait was her husband, mom thinks he died before her She had one daughter by her first husband named Perry.She owned a beauty shop in Huntington beach CA. George and June Built a nice house on the Mesa by Hoag Hospital.I remember two dresses that Eudell and June bought when I turned 5 for my birthday. They loved my mother and she recalls fondly memories of playing with Perry and Eudell’s daughters Lonna ( Miss orange county) Gaylynn who transalated for french nuns during
    Vitnam war.


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