Early Micklethwaites

Some weeks ago I was searching Google Books for Micklethwaites and found reference to William son of Gilbert de Micklethwaite. Neither John nor I have any references to Gilbert, so this was a mystery. Some books on Google, and this was one, are indexed but not transcribed, so I had to find a copy of the book.

Off I went to Ripley Library and requested it via the Inter Library Loan service. They rang me last week to say it had arrived – 3 cheers for Inter Library Loan and Ripley Library!

The entries in the book show that in the late 12th Century Gilbert de Micklethwaite lived near Wetherby (Yorkshire) and had a son William – he in turn had a son also named William, who appears to have taken the surname Hallesire.

Google shows no matches for Hallesire as a surname – did they die out or take another surname?

I do not have any other records of Micklethwaites who have come from Wetherby, but it just shows that once upon a time there were some.

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