The Devil is in the Detail

Well, what an interesting couple of days. I’d been looking at images of the 1841 census for Micklethwaites. I came across one for a James Micklethwaite (mistranscribed as Mickelswate of course) living in Padfield near Glossop (Derbyshire). Living with him is a Maria Horsman. I had previously found a marriage for Jane Hosman [sic] and James Micklethwaite in Glossop in 1830.

Now I know a lady who is doing a One Name Study on the Horsman families. So after a bit of a palaver, I finally got in touch with her and between us we’ve sorted the families out – and it is not quite how I had it before. When you really look into things you find details which can help if you take notice! As well as the marriage for James and Jane, there was another marriage for James and Susannah Beeton in Glossop in 1832. I had assumed (bad move) that these were both the same James as there was no Jane living with James in 1841. In my defence I offer the following excuses:

  • Jane wasn’t with James on the 1841 census
  • James’ age was mistranscribed by Ancestry as 40
  • I couldn’t find (and still can’t) Susannah on the 1841 census
  • James (snr) is in Yorkshire (where he was born) in 1851

Firstly I had assumed Jane had died. Wrong. When I look more closely, Jane is still alive in 1841 – with on the night of the census she is with her daughter Sarah who was now married (twice actually). Secondly, James’ age is actually 60, but there’s an enumerator’s mark right through it which could make it look like 40. There being such an age difference, James (jnr) being 44 in 1851, it seems most likely that these are 2 different James.

I now believe that James (snr), a widow (although it doesn’t say so on the marriage record),  married Jane (also widowed). And it was his son James who married Susannah 2 years later. So Joe is the son of James (snr) and Jane, and not the son but half brother of James (jnr). Fortunately I only have a small branch to prune and regraft. And I’m still looking for James (jnr) and his family in 1841!

The family is visible in the old (wrong) configuration at the top left of page 2.6 of the old tree file

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