Slow Progress

I’ve been looking at the 1841 census images for my One Name Study of Micklethwaites. It’s quite a job as there are about 150 images that I know have Micklethwait(e)s on, especially as the quality of the transcriptions on to the index is so poor. There were so many errors that I stopped sending in corrections. I know Micklethwaite is a difficult name, but some of the trancriptions were pure fiction. To be fair, the image quality is poor (I believe most are in pencil) and some of the writing is appalling. The page and folio references also have errors, both on Ancestry and on the Family History Society transcriptions I have.

The disappointing aspect is that there have been no amazing revelations. I think I’ve added one or two pieces of the puzzle, but it was not a good return on investment of time and energy. However, I suppose (in the words of the TV ad) every little helps. A bigger test will come when I go through them again and add them to the LostCousins site.

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