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Welcome to my blog on WordPress.com.

This blog is about my family history – both my own tree and my One Name Study of the name Micklethwaite and its many variants.

I’d had a slight interest in my family history for many years but never had the time to do anything about it. Then my mother-in-law showed me what was available on the Internet and I found I had a distant great aunt who had “died crossing the Platte River, Wyoming” and was “buried at the side of the Platte River, Wyoming” – I was hooked. (More on her later I hope)

I quickly found my way to my 3x great grandfather John Micklethwaite, and there I got stuck. I started collecting data about Micklethwaites, initially in Huddersfield (Yorkshire, England) where he lived and died, then in progressively wider areas. So the One Name Study has grown, but I still don’t know where he was born (more on him later too)

So I’ve made a start on this blog. I hope to add interesting things I find out, either general family history or specific to my studies, such as news, tips, new web sites, new discoveries – anything I fall over that might be of interest. Please send me your comments as I’d love to hear from you, but I’m not going to fill the blog with user comments in order to reduce clutter.

You can find more about the Micklethwaite One Name Study here

My own family is here

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